International Expansion Preparation

- Country Qualification & Selection
- Business Model Due Diligence
- Product Internationalization Assessment

The only system to help you go from inspiration to international-ready in 90 days.

The OnGlobal Project helps aspiring global companies apply time-tested frameworks, models and methods to prepare them for profitable international growth.Based on science and built around data, our processes can (and have) been used by any company, of any size, in any industry to expand internationally.

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Country Qualification

We help you select and qualify your next best country for international expansion.Advice on international expansion begins with 'do your market research'.It's built on an assumption: That you've chosen the next, best target country.No other choice will impact your company's plans more than country.Go beyond guessing by GDP, growth hype or Google to a method based by science and built on data.Our secret: A data-driven model that predicts your next, best country for expansion.Outcome: A list of countries qualified for entry.

Business Model Due Diligence

We help you model your new international business before launching in a new country.Your business will change. It's important to determine where, why and by how much.Identify your key risks and model your potential revenue to make sure your market entry is worth your time and money.Find fatal flaws first. Before you invest in any international expansion.Our secret: A system to stress test your business and financial models, prior to launching in a new country.Outcome: Per country minimum success factors, revenue models and key metrics.

International Business Model Due Diligence
Product Internationalization Assessment Image

Product Internationalization

We help you assess if your product is ready for international markets.Most products are developed within and for a single market. But is your current product international-ready? We work with our localization and internationalization partners to ensure you can address your chosen market.For software companies, that starts with a scan of your codebase so you know the state of your software.For others, the first step can be an assessment of the regulations and compliance requirements for your medical or financial product.Our secret: Our network of localization and internationalization service providers and advisors.Outcome: Product Internationalization Assessment.

OnGlobal is helping build continuous-learning, self-guiding global companies.

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